A Sailing Club

brought to you

by the

Leaders in Sail Training

"Ships are the nearest things to dreams
that hands have ever made"
    - Robert N. Rose

40 years of

helping sailors
realize their dreams

"All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by."
   - John Masefield

Multiple locations


Sailing Destinations

"Land was created
to provide a place
for boats to visit."
   - Brooks Atkinson

A Vetted Fleet

Professional Staff

"It's remarkable how quickly a good and favorable wind
can sweep away the maddening frustrations of shore living.”    
   - Ernest K. Gann

A Passion

Wind Powered

for all things

"There is NOTHING - absolutely nothing - half
so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."
       - Kenneth Graham

Expand your horizons....

.... as never before possible

"A sailor is an artist whose medium is the wind." - Webb Chiles



in Sailing Adventures

"The thing I realized this
last few days is that the
earth is a big place."
   - Paul Cayard

Blue Element Sailing

Offshore Racing

Big boats, big races, all around the world.

Cruising Adventures

Offering a selection of special cruising adventures each year.

Private Services

Coaching, deliveries, vessel and team amangement

Welcome to Blue Element Sailing, the Adventure Sailing provider brought to you by the same great team that has delivered world class sailing instruction and coaching since 1981:  J/World Performance Sailing School. To learn more about our educational programs, visit our dedicated training site here.

Blue Element takes your sailing activities to the next level. We specialize in providing exceptional sailing adventures around the world. Each year we select a select handful of events, from offshore racing to coastal and passage-making cruising adventures.  Each experience is a fully managed and coached program. These are not ‘cattle boat’ charters!

  • Industry Leaders

    Brought to you by Deep Blue and J/World Sailing.  We are sailors with a passion for sharing our passion!

  • Platinum Experience

    We have built our reputation on offering exceptional experiences.

  • Multiple Locations

    Three active West Coast locations and growing! Join the only club that can follow you on your adventures!

  • Fleet Variety

    Our fleet is diverse, and growing!  We have boats to cater to a wide range of sailing goals.


Blue Element Sailing Club offers corporate team building events and activities conducted in a unique environment which underscores the skills crucial to success in the business setting, while providing an unforgettable experience.  A variety of different corporate sailing events may be arranged at any of our main locations.  For your next company event or team building activity, contact BESC and let our renowned coaches create a truly special occasion.


Blue Element is a wholly owned subsidiary of J/World Performance Sailing, the top rated educational organization for 40 years.  Club members can enjoy access to all of the renowned courses and sailing adventures.  Please visit the J/World website for training and instructional options.


Blue Element Sailing is partnered with Sail California to be your source for new J/Boats and a wide spectrum of quality used boats. We can provide a full suite of services, from vessel selection and commissioning, to post-acquisition training, management, and delivery services.


Our adventures run from cruising getaways in the Caribbean and Mexico, to offshore racing on grand-prix boats to Bermuda and Hawaii.  Flotillas, regattas, and exotic travel are all on the menu. Visit our Special Events page and sign up for our newsletter for upcoming opportunities!


Blue Element Yachting offers a deep spectrum of extended services and consulting for vessel owners, event planners, marketing companies, and sailing teams.  Visit our Blue Element Yachting services website for details on how our team might be able to help you.